Meet the New Tech.Pro released a major upgrade yesterday, July 9th. originally launched in late January, shortly after our acquisition of With the alpha launch, we deployed a blogging platform specifically built for the tech community. Over the past 6 months we have had the pleasure of working with some amazing authors, many of which have used our blog editor and came away "loving it" (their words, not mine... promise).

Since then we have been working on numerous new features to serve the tech community and expand beyond a blogging platform. With this new release, we have added a pretty smart feed that can be customized to your liking, a links system to funnel all of the great tech content from around the web, a Q&A system, and the beginnings of what we hope will be your Tech Profile for your years to come.

We hope you will explore some of our new features and help us build a community that we can all benefit from.

The Feed - Your gateway to the tech world.

The platform offers many content types including blogs, tutorials, links, and Q&A. All of that content can be consumed on the homepage of You can customize the feed by tags, post types, and who are you watching. You will notice the beginnings of a Tech Professional Network as well. Connect with your peers on and see what they are "digging".

Links - Think Reddit but professional and tech centric

Naturally, not all interesting content happens to be created on our site. There needs to be a simple way for users to share useful, interesting, and relevant links. We borrowed several great ideas from Reddit and integrated them into We hope you will share links and comment on links that you care about for the benefit of the community. You will see links in your Feed, our daily newsletter, and on the links homepage.

The Tech.Pro Link Bar

Questions & Answers - Anybody need a Q&A site? Team, put on your flame retardant jackets...

Did we mention that on Tech.Pro, you can choose to turn off comments for your blog?

Now, I know what you're thinking. Did these guys really miss the memo? I mean, they know that someone is kind of already doing that... right? No, we didn't miss the memo. Stackoverflow is an awesome site, and like many other developers out there, we love StackOverflow and will forever be indebted to the countless hours of programming time that it has saved us.

While specific, code related, questions are just fine for, we are open to other kinds of questions you might ask. If you want to ask subjective questions like, "What are the pros and cons of supporting {insert random technology here}", then go for it. This is your site to share your expertise and opinions. Bottom line: Blogs and Tutorials are not enough; the Q&A format is a great way to communicate and share. We believe having Q&A in the context of a professional network is crucial, and plan on iterating on this platform a lot. That said, we believe Stackoverflow is here to stay, and we are all fans. All hail S.O.

Profiles - The Network is born

So far all the new features have been related to feeding you the best content from the web. However, this is not enough. We want to build you a professinoal network that is focused on your industry. Of course, we can't really have a professional network without an awesome profile. All hail LinkedIn... well nevermind... don't hail LinkedIn. While great for sales people and recruiters, it really does not serve us techies very well.

With a Tech Pro Profile you will have a place to showcase and brand the most important thing you ever worked on - You. Today you can get started by providing a bit about yourself, showing off the skills you currently possess, and forming connections with your tech peers.

My Tech.Pro Profile

The profile will be seeing many upgrades and additions in the coming month that will optimize your ability to show off your awesomeness for the world to see. So stay tuned... we are working hard.

This has been quite a ride. I now understand why people associate "sweat and tears" with start-ups. But it has been incredibly rewarding. If you have not yet gotten a chance to check out, I hope that now you feel compelled to do so. Check out some of our many great tutorials and blogs, and of course Create a Profile if you have not already.

I look forward to embarking on the rest of this journey with you.

- Leland Richardson