Tutorial Winners and a Progress Report

The team has been working very hard over the past six months, and as a result, we have not posted an announcement in some time. That will change starting today.

Some of you may be wondering why we haven't announced a winner for our monthly tutorial writing contest in several months. The reason, although not excusable, really boils down to the simple fact: startups are difficult.

I commonly joke with people that a more apt title for a founder is "Lead Janitor", inspired by Joel Spolsky's Servant Leadership, but recently I have developed a new theory:

Founders are Firefighters

Despite being a technical founder, sometimes I feel like my day more closely resembles being a firefighter in a city surrounded by erupting volcanoes than a web developer in a home office.

Whether you're dealing with a customer who is having issues, debugging a critical bug in production, or trying to figure out whether a sudden dip in traffic is your fault or Google's, there always seems to be a fire that needs putting out. This all goes to say that this type of environment completely alters your priority list. Fortunately, the bulk of the fires are now put out and we can get back to what we intended on working on:

The platform

I've mentioned in previous blogs how we built the software of to be completely multi-tenant. Recently we launched our second professional network,, which demonstrated the flexibility of the software that runs on (although it may have created a few fires along the way).

Over the last five months, Oilpro has exploded with growth and has taken a significant chunk of our focus and energy to manage it properly. An unfortunate side effect of this was that the contest simple kept getting shoved back in the priority list. Not cool. We apologize for this and will make it right.

Contest Winners!

Our passion is software development and we can assure you that our attention is now focused on taking the Movement to the next level. Fortunately, this movement is about much more than the handful of developers at Great writers like Sampath, Lukas, Bradley, Christian, Pavlos, Dustin, and many others have been keeping going full force in our absence.

So now, playing a bit of catch-up... we are pleased to announce the $1,000 prize winners over the past 6 months!

August 2013:

September 2013:

October 2013:

November 2013:

December 2013:

January 2014:

Congratulations to the six of them! We also want to thank everyone else who contributed.

Finally, we'd like to announce that we are discontinuing the contest in the immediate future. We like the idea of having a contest and incentives for users to write quality content, but think it needs to be structured differently in order to be successful. If you have any opinions on ways we can do this better, please feel free to drop us a line at

The team

P.S. We have some very exciting about some new features coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Winners of $1000 ProPrize: July

Happy August to all our Tech Pros! It's that time of the month again. We have read, discussed and contemplated all your submissions from July. And what a month it was! So are you all ready? Our fabulous winners of $1000 ProPrize's are...

Jonathan Creamer: JavaScript Winner

for JavaScript: One Language to Rule Them All

Jonathan teaches us to use some of the new JavaScript APIs that you can use on any modern browser, on practically any OS. At the end of the article, all of the pieces will be put together in a quick sample app with code that is fully functional in IE10, Chrome, and Firefox. Read more

Burke Holland: Wildcard Blog Winner

for Out-Growing jQuery

Do we reach a point of adolescence as jQuery developers where we decide we don't need it's help anymore? Maybe jQuery doesn't know best. Maybe there is a whole world out there that we have been kept from enjoying. So join us as we quietly push the car down the driveway and out into the street so we can go for a jQuery free joyride.

And our honorable mentions for this month are articles from two of our fantastic members:

Phonegap and AngularJS: Notification Service by Mark Coleman

I'm single-threaded and that's OK by Khalid Abuhakmeh

That's our July. Once again, in August, we have ten categories and ten $1000 prizes to give away. As you long as you have submitted the article for approval and there are at least three authors published that month in your category, you qualify. You have 13 days until end of August and the countdown has begun. We want all ten categories to win, so get writing and tell others.

Happy Coding,

Leland Richardson

P.S. Find out what it takes to become the next TechPro.

June winners

With the latest release of Tech.Pro, this has been a very fun month here at the office. Since we have been working so hard on the next release, we nearly forgot to pause and highlight our $1,000 #ProPrize winners for the month of June!

Paresh Joshi: Blog Winner

For For Vs. Foreach Blog

Although there are many blogs on the relative performance of for and foreach control flows in .NET, rarely do people discuss the stylistic merits of the two. Paresh Joshi walks through and shows the different use cases for each one, and how they can be misused.

Khalid Abuhakmeh: .Net Winner

For Simple C# Benchmarking with Stopwatch .NET

Khalid Abuhakmeh demonstrates a clean use of the using pattern in .NET to write benchmarking code in a clean, concise, and readable fashion. Yay for clean code!

Congratulations to Paresh and Khalid for winning Techpro’s June contest. We love the articles we’re seeing published and can’t wait to see what is coming next!

A huge thanks to all who submitted articles and shared a lot of knowledge with each other. We pulled out a few articles here for honorable mention:

  1. Out Growing jQuery by Burke Holland
  2. JavaScript: One Language To Rule Them All by Jonathan Creamer
  3. Professional techniques for C# by Florian Rappl
  4. PhoneGap and AngularJS, In App Browser by Mark Coleman

Also, entering our ProPrize contest is the fastest and the only way we know to win a $1000 and the TechPro title. So, to our community of Techies - It’s hot, you’ve got air-conditioning (hopefully), time to crank out some awesome articles. Register now and submit away as many as you can write.

Happy Coding,

Leland Richardson

Meet the New Tech.Pro released a major upgrade yesterday, July 9th. originally launched in late January, shortly after our acquisition of With the alpha launch, we deployed a blogging platform specifically built for the tech community. Over the past 6 months we have had the pleasure of working with some amazing authors, many of which have used our blog editor and came away "loving it" (their words, not mine... promise).

Since then we have been working on numerous new features to serve the tech community and expand beyond a blogging platform. With this new release, we have added a pretty smart feed that can be customized to your liking, a links system to funnel all of the great tech content from around the web, a Q&A system, and the beginnings of what we hope will be your Tech Profile for your years to come.

We hope you will explore some of our new features and help us build a community that we can all benefit from.

The Feed - Your gateway to the tech world.

The platform offers many content types including blogs, tutorials, links, and Q&A. All of that content can be consumed on the homepage of You can customize the feed by tags, post types, and who are you watching. You will notice the beginnings of a Tech Professional Network as well. Connect with your peers on and see what they are "digging".

Links - Think Reddit but professional and tech centric

Naturally, not all interesting content happens to be created on our site. There needs to be a simple way for users to share useful, interesting, and relevant links. We borrowed several great ideas from Reddit and integrated them into We hope you will share links and comment on links that you care about for the benefit of the community. You will see links in your Feed, our daily newsletter, and on the links homepage.

The Tech.Pro Link Bar

Questions & Answers - Anybody need a Q&A site? Team, put on your flame retardant jackets...

Did we mention that on Tech.Pro, you can choose to turn off comments for your blog?

Now, I know what you're thinking. Did these guys really miss the memo? I mean, they know that someone is kind of already doing that... right? No, we didn't miss the memo. Stackoverflow is an awesome site, and like many other developers out there, we love StackOverflow and will forever be indebted to the countless hours of programming time that it has saved us.

While specific, code related, questions are just fine for, we are open to other kinds of questions you might ask. If you want to ask subjective questions like, "What are the pros and cons of supporting {insert random technology here}", then go for it. This is your site to share your expertise and opinions. Bottom line: Blogs and Tutorials are not enough; the Q&A format is a great way to communicate and share. We believe having Q&A in the context of a professional network is crucial, and plan on iterating on this platform a lot. That said, we believe Stackoverflow is here to stay, and we are all fans. All hail S.O.

Profiles - The Network is born

So far all the new features have been related to feeding you the best content from the web. However, this is not enough. We want to build you a professinoal network that is focused on your industry. Of course, we can't really have a professional network without an awesome profile. All hail LinkedIn... well nevermind... don't hail LinkedIn. While great for sales people and recruiters, it really does not serve us techies very well.

With a Tech Pro Profile you will have a place to showcase and brand the most important thing you ever worked on - You. Today you can get started by providing a bit about yourself, showing off the skills you currently possess, and forming connections with your tech peers.

My Tech.Pro Profile

The profile will be seeing many upgrades and additions in the coming month that will optimize your ability to show off your awesomeness for the world to see. So stay tuned... we are working hard.

This has been quite a ride. I now understand why people associate "sweat and tears" with start-ups. But it has been incredibly rewarding. If you have not yet gotten a chance to check out, I hope that now you feel compelled to do so. Check out some of our many great tutorials and blogs, and of course Create a Profile if you have not already.

I look forward to embarking on the rest of this journey with you.

- Leland Richardson

May Winners

Hello again TechPros!

We’ve been working hard and making fantastic progress on the next iteration of, and we have definitely not forgotten about the excellent articles written by all of you in May. So, once again, we give you our $1000 #ProPrize winner. A big applause to our May TechPro...

Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman: Mobile Dev Winner

For PhoneGap and AngularJS, The Start

In this series of tutorials, Mark focuses on using PhoneGap and AngularJS together in an iOS application. He showed us how to start off small, but build upon the PhoneGap API to expose some AngularJS services so both start to get along like old pals.

Read the full tutorial

Congratulations, Mark, for winning Tech.Pro’s May contest. We deeply appreciate your hard work and willingness to share it with our community.

These are the links to Mark's other articles in the series:
- PhoneGap and AngularJs, Notification Service
- PhoneGap and AngularJS, In App Browser

We also want to thank everyone who submitted their fantastic articles and shared so much with each other. Here are a few other tutorials that got us really jazzed up:

DevOps for dummies - VPS Configuration from scratch - Rails, Nginx, PostgreSQL by Sergio Tapia

ServiceStack and RavenDB End to End Testing by Khalid Abuhakmeh

If you haven’t signed up on and tried our infamous editor yet, please register. It’s the fastest and only way to be a TechPro, and to you unwavering TechPro’s who want to start or finish their articles - it’s summer and we’re ready to be inspired.

Ready. Write. Submit.

Happy Coding,

Leland Richardson

Coders Crank Out Code in Florida

This past week, the programming team got together in Florida for a week of collaborative coding. Huddled up around the kitchen table we worked into the wee hours each night developing the beta version of which is due out in July.

enter image description here From left to right: Jesse Lisby, David Kent, and Leland Richardson. Thanks to my son, Connor, for the good pic.

For the past year we have been using Google Hangouts and most recently, Sqwiggle (awesome new tool by the way), to stay connected. However, working side-by-side from time to time is invaluable. I got to know both Leland and Jesse much better.

Jesse is a .NET, SQL, Knockout, and Lucene expert that likes to groove to Daft Punk while coding. Jesse is also a big fan of Nixon and JFK as we discovered over a few Trivia Pursuit questions. Leland is the lead architect on the project and as such wears many technology hats including Javascript, .NET, HTML/CSS, and SQL. As Leland is also our in-house physics expert, I got to learn a few things about wave-particle duality of light and quantum entanglement. After a week with Leland, I feel like one of the fools from days gone by that believed the world was flat. So much to learn, so little time. ;-)

Both Jesse and Leland have an inner drive to help other developers and as such, will be very visible on the site. Come July of this year, you will see morph into a content driven professional network for technology pros (and amateurs). Those developers that like to help others will be highly visible through the content they produce (e.g. - tutorials, blogs, Q&A, links, comments, etc.) and their associated profiles. I have no doubt that Jesse and Leland will be near the top of the list of community activists and mentors. Unfortunately, they are not eligible for the monthly contest cash but there are other benefits of employment.

enter image description here Not a horrible view from our workstations this past week.

Onwards and upwards,
~ David Kent

P.S. - Thanks to the rest of the team that is building and our other industry sites. Everyone from content development to creative to operations is making a difference. What you are creating will change the industries in which we serve for the better for many years to come. Keep up the good work and remember, it is the journey, not the destination.

April Winners

Greetings, Tech.Pros! launched earlier this year. The current version of the site is a tutorial blogging tool for developers, however, we are madly working on the next iteration of that will hopefully blow your mind in a few months - stay tuned. In the meantime, we are happy to announce the victors of our monthly tutorial writing contest.

Kamran Ayub

Kamran Ayub: .NET Winner

For Put the Cloud to Work, pt 1: Create a Background Worker Using Quartz.NET

In this article, Kamran shows you how to use Quartz.NET to create a robust and easy to manage background worker that sends you an email once a day. We'll cover several topics including:

@kamranayub said, "I just discovered recently but I love how I can track my article traffic with my Google Analytics account and how doesn't take any rights away from me as an author."

Read the full tutorial

Khalid Abuhakmeh

Khalid Abuhakmeh: Web Dev Winner

For Scaling Out with MassTransit and RabbitMQ

Let Khalid show you how to use .NET, MassTransit, and RabbitMQ to scale out your applications, horizontally. Your app maybe small now but if it takes off, Khalid has a clean solution for all you .NET folks.

@AquaBirdConsult said, "I had given up on blogging until I came across The site and the community give you all the tools you need to reach a broader audience and spur discussion amongst colleagues and like minded friends. I hope to be part of the community for a long time to come because I know it will just keep getting better."

Read the full tutorial

Congratulations to our April #TechPro's Khalid and Kamran. Enjoy reading these tutorials. If you haven't signed up yet, register to start writing and winning.

We would also like to thank everyone who wrote for over the past several months. There were some insanely great tutorials produced. Here are a few notables:

9 ways to optimize your front end performance by David Walsh

Deploying Flask to Heroku and Creating an Android App with PhoneGap by Lalith Polopeddi

Building a shopping cart with SignalR, ASP.Net, Web API and KnockoutJS by Filip W

Advanced Programming with C# by Florian Rappl

Happy coding,

Leland Richardson

Tech.Pro Acquires

We are happy to announce the acquisition of (SOTC). The team at SOTC has done a great job building the site and we are looking forward to growing the SOTC community on

Here is a quick peak at Jesse cranking out some integration code for SOTC and

enter image description here

~Leland Richardson

The original press release:

Tech.Pro Acquires

Houston, TX, January 15, 2013 – Amplifying their community building efforts, today announced the acquisition of (SOTC) a programming and development tutorial blog site. Readers of SOTC can expect an expansion in the number of authors and tutorials posted via

“The acquisition of accelerates our content building efforts and allows us to launch with a much richer site than originally planned,” said Leland Richardson, Founder and Lead Developer of “Rolling the great content found on SOTC into provides great momentum as we launch this year.”

Founded in 2007 by Brandon Cannaday, Charlie Key, and Michael Kuehl, SOTC has over 400 tutorials on a range of topics and is visited by over 200,000 unique visitors per month. SOTC was started to help developers learn and explore new approaches and technologies.

“The vision Leland and his team have for makes SOTC a natural fit,” said Brandon Cannaday, “The comprehensive plan to make the community site for developers was a compelling reason for merging the two sites."

Founded in 2012, is set to launch in 2013 and looks to serve the developer community as a go to source for tutorials, blogs, question and answers, professional networking, and staying current on the news that impacts the industry. is founded by developers, for developers and will be a comprehensive hub for the technology community.

The purchase price was undisclosed.

Tech.Pro Gets A Boost From Investors

Jesse, Erika, and I are happy to announce that we have received funding for! Our investors are techies themselves and have shown their support with an initial round of funding to get us through 2013 and 2014. During this period, we plan to launch numerous content areas and tools that will benefit tech professionals all over the globe.

We have a promise for additional funding if we are able to hit a few targets. Please help us build into a site we can all benefit from. If you like to blog about software development or the tech industry in general, you can get started today with our $10,000 per month contest.

Tutorials and blogs are just the beginning. Come by our office sometime and check out the Wall of Dreams:

enter image description here

~Leland Richardson

The original press release:

Tech.Pro Raises $2M Seed Capital with a Commitment for an Additional $2M Based on Achievement of Certain Operating Metrics

Funding Announced in Conjunction with Alpha Launch

Houston, TX, January 30, 2013 – Houston, TX based, a start-up focused on developing an online community for technology professionals, announced a $2 million funding round lead by a consortium of private investors.

“This funding gives us the opportunity to accelerate our development and member acquisition plans,” said Leland Richardson, Founder and Lead Developer of “The metrics around the second tranche of funding are aggressive, but we have a high level of confidence in achieving them by the end of 2013.”

Founded in 2012 and launching in 2013, plans to be a source for tech professionals to further develop their skills via tutorials, connect or reconnect with colleagues based on projects, blog about their experiences, and have a place to consolidate their professional experience in a highly professional profile page.

With plans to expand the engineering workforce and add content and members at a rapid pace, 2013 will be a busy year for as they look at move to Beta in Q2 2013. The financial terms of the investment were not disclosed.

We launched Alpha

It is my great pleasure to announce that Alpha is now live! The team and I have poured much sweat, tears, and beers into this and it is nice to finally have something in the public domain, albeit with a limited feature set.

What is included in the alpha?

As the splash page indicates, the public alpha for manifests itself as a publishing platform for tech professionals (developers, designers, QA, etc) to write Tutorials and Blogs. The site has launched with several hundred tutorials thanks to the acquisition of Over the coming months, we will roll out a beta with profiles, projects, links, Q&A, and more. Stay tuned.

$10k per month contest

We are kicking off the launch with a monthly tutorial writing contest. Each month, $10,000 will be given away to the winners of 10 different categories. Anyone can register to write these tutorials and win. Read more here.

Now, time to celebrate!

enter image description here

~Leland Richardson